In my last post I talked about birthday sessions and how they are a great way to celebrate a milestone and capture your child as they grow. Todays post will be another birthday session I did recently as they are just so much fun. For this session I had to work a bit harder to get the laughs, and giggles, but once I hit the spot she was giggling away. The fun part about 4 year olds is how they are just so full of personality. They are very curious about everything around them, talkative, and overall just proud to be the big old 4.

Winnipeg Children's Photographer

Winnipeg Manitoba

Winnipeg Children's Photographer

Check out those adorable baby blue eyes with that curly blonde hair. Curly hair on children is just the cutest, it is just so bouncy and free flowing.

Winnipeg Children Photography

Winnipeg Manitoba

When I first downloaded the images from this session, this photo immediately jumped out at me. I love how happy and carefree she looks here. Also I think the happy birthday to me shirt fits this expression perfectly. Children just live in the moment, and feel everything so strongly and passionately which is such a great quality.

Birthday session Winnipeg

Winnipeg Children's Photography

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This particular session involved three different outfits. Two fun birthday shirts and then lastly a cute more fancy outfit for the last part of the session. I like to give every session fun birthday pictures along with nice more formal pictures of the child.

Birthday Session





Last thing I am going to mention, is how I feel all of the outfits go well together. Something I want people to think about prior to a session, is how the photos will look hung up on the wall. From this session I feel mom could easily hang photos together from any the outfits and have them match very nicely on the wall. All the backgrounds fit the neutral pallet, along with the outfits all having a subtle touch of pink to tie them together. This was by far one of my favourite sessions as of recently I hope you also enjoyed it.

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