In this blog post I am going to be sharing my top 5 tricks to achieve a natural smile. This studio is not about those fake smiles that happen while saying cheese.

Trick 1. Knock Knock jokes. This one is dependent on the child’s age and whether or not they are young enough to still find them funny. I have found that with young children, knock knock jokes are great way to get a child laughing and smiling away. P.S. I am really funny :p

Natural Smile, Winnipeg Children's Photographer

Trick 2. Asking children to make silly faces, then having them looking at how silly they look on the back of the camera. I have never met a child who did not find themselves funny after making a silly face. Also, looking at the back of the camera allows children to warm up to posing and it gets them excited to take more pictures. Children enjoy the excitement of getting to see themselves on screen, which leads to me saying if you want to see more I need more silly faces for you to look at.

Trick 3. Silly talk. Hot topics of this age group include: stinky toes, farts, poop and grown ups making fools of themselves. I do not normally encourage “bathroom talk”, but during a photo shoot if it gets me a big grin, I’ll take it.

Winnipeg Children's Photography

Trick 4. Movement and songs. I find playing songs and then encouraging the children to dance, twirl and sing along creates great natural happy moments. They are less focused on generating posed smiles for the camera and instead they are just enjoying the moment and behaving organically.

Winnipeg Children's Photography

Trick 5. If I have tried all of the above tricks I will pull in siblings or parents. With this, I tell children that their sibling is about to come and tickle them; I hype it up and get them all giggly over the idea. Parents are also good for bringing out some belly laughs with their jokes and faces.

Winnipeg Children's Photographer

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