In this weeks blog post I will share with you my 5 tricks for achieving a great session with children.

Trick 1. Snacks – One of the smoothest sessions I have ever had the Mom brought a bag of mini marshmallows with her. This allowed her to give the children mini treats throughout the session without a mess. I thought this was a great idea and the children enjoyed the treat. Some suggestions on snacks are cookies, fruit snacks, and animal crackers.Winnipeg Manitoba

Trick 2. Set the tone for the session. Do this by starting off the day getting excited for the session. You can talk to your children about how much fun they are going to have. The session will include dancing, jokes and an all around good time Building excitement can be a good way to help your child come more open to having their picture taken. Some of my best sessions end with the children asking when they can come back to play.5 tricks, Winnipeg Children's Photographer

Trick 3. Keep the clothing comfortable. One thing I have learned is children can look cute and still be dressed in comfortable clothing. A children’s session runs better when your child is happy and comfortable. Pick outfits that do not have itchy material or are super stiff. Cute sweaters, cotton shirts, and jeans make for a great outfits that allow your child to stay comfortable.

Trick 4. Allow time to warm up. When planning my sessions I always include extra time to allow for children to warm up, take a snack break or just have a moment. I find children do not handle being rushed well, it can set the mood off during the session. If your children need time to warm up and become used to the space there is time for that. I do not expect your child to walk in the door and be comfortable right away for some children this takes time.

5 Tricks Photography

Trick 5. My last trick is to keep it short and sweet. I plan my sessions around the age of the child. I would not expect a 2 year old to last through 2 hour session, so work my sessions around them and what they are capable of. If a child needs a little more time to warm up sometimes a session will take longer but usually with a younger child sessions last around 30-45 minutes.

All of these photos showcase comfortable yet cute clothing. The boys were able to wear cozy sweater thats made them look dressed up.

Check out the top 5 tricks above and considering trying some of them at your next session.