The other day I had a good friend of mine come with me to a session to capture some behind the scenes images. I hope these give you a glimpse into what a session looks like.

First of all, there are three wall option: beige, brick and pink. They look nice together and offer a nice variety to the shoot. I try to get three different set ups during the photoshoot. These walls also make a great base to add banners/props.

My aim during photo shoots is to make the children comfortable; this includes parent interaction and getting to relax and be silly.

Safety is also the first priority. When you bring a younger one into the studio, I will get a parent to sit close by and make sure they are keeping a close eye on baby. This also allows the baby to feel the safety and comfort of having a parent close.

Behind the scenes

When I get siblings in the studio, I like to use them to get each other laughing and smiling. Tickles, silly faces and goofy words are not off limits. Also, you might notice a trick of mine, which is showing them the back of the camera. I find children warm up to my camera when they see themselves being silly on the back.

Behind the scenes

Mom sat right and close to ensure baby felt safe and secure. Plus Mom’s are great for bringing out big smiles. Some of my best shots are the look in a Baby’s eye admiring their Mom.

Winnipeg Children's Photographer

A lovely lady sent me this :

“Not only are you a talented photographer, you’ve got an amazing way with kids! I’m pretty much in awe as I watch you work your magic!”

I have the benefit of my job when i’m not doing photography being with Children. Which helps me try out my tricks.

Winnipeg Children’s Photographer | Behind the Scenes shoot by Ginaya Jesmer