This curly haired cutie came in with his siblings for a photoshoot but ended up doing so well that he deserved his own post!

I love me a fun, energetic two year old, but I love them even more when they sit still and smile without me having to ask. This little guy came in for his session ready to rock. I think he is used to having his parents snapping pictures, because the minute I lifted my camera he became a charmer. Some children really know how to play to the camera.

Winnipeg Manitoba Children's Photography

This face just melts my heart. I picture him thinking “Yea I’m cute heres a sly smile to show you”

Winnipeg Children's Photographer

Normally with my sessions I try to narrow down my photo galleries to make it easier for parents to choose the best ones. Not with this one, I have only narrowed down a third of the session and already have all these great looks.

I know to some it may seem like his smile is all the same, but I think his parents will be able to see the little tiny differences that make up his quirky personality.

During this session Dad and I had a conversation about how funny this child is. He said that he can’t get over what a funny side he has. I don’t know about you, but I could definitely see glimpses of it in these photos.

Children's Family Photography

Winnipeg Manitoba

Winnipeg Manitoba

Family Photography

Its fun to imagine what they might grow up to be; how they will change the world.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this cute face as much as I do!

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