My Photography Journey

In this blog post I wanted to share some backstory into my photography journey. If have experienced a session with me, you might have heard me talk about my love of children. When I started getting into photography the first thing that really got me excited was the idea of having the best of both worlds. Children and Photography.

I had my first experience with a fancy camera while I was in-between jobs. My step dad had just bought himself a brand new canon and I was lucky enough to get to be there when he tried it out. I remember looking through the lens thinking about how much power and control I had. With that camera I could snap a picture of the things I was looking at, and create a photo to remember it with. While at the same time I was giddy over the idea of a good quality picture. Leading up to that day I had always been an eager teen snapping photos of friends and trips with my little point and shoot camera.
I think it took me less than a week before my excitement took over and I bought my very own Dslr. It was a starter camera, bright red with two lenses. I had all these grand plans to do epic photo shoots with my friends and get the perfect Facebook profile pictures worthy of a model.

The thing they don’t tell you when you buy your first camera, is that it takes time before the pictures turn out any good. Eager me started snapping photos right away only to be disappointed they looked nothing like the images I saw online or on the cover of magazines. I was not thinking at the time about how I needed to hone my skills and actually learn how to use the camera first.

From there my passion grew and I started reading anything I could get my hands on. I desperately wanted to create these gorgeous images, while at the same time I was having a ton of fun photographing friends and family.
My first official model was the 16 year old girl across the street. I would go over and knock on her door and she would eagerly agree to let me photograph her. We usually just went to the field in my back yard where I could test out lighting and posing.

After a few months I had fallen in love with photography and decided I wanted to take it more seriously, at this point I was working as a nanny taking pictures of the adorable boys every day. It started the idea in my head of one day running a business based around children’s portraits. From there I decided to take the plunge and go to Red River College, and really learn how to work my camera and the other tools in the craft.
A few years later and here I am, still just as on love with photography, taking better pictures (I hope) and loving every minute of it.

One thing this creative journey has taught me is about following your passion. I am grateful to be living in a day and age more open to people following their dreams. It can be scary and uncertain at times going to school for something that does not equate to a job right out the door, but there is also something freeing about taking control of your life and living your passion.
When I finally was in school for something I was invested in I did really well, at the end of the year my grades and teachers remarks reflected how much I enjoyed the program and what I was taking.
There is no guarantee photography will pay the bills, but I will never regret going after something that brought me joy, and meaning.