This past Fall was spent out in Bc, while there I got to take some photos of the Sharp family. My Cousin Carmen was nice enough to let me stay with her for a week. She just had her second child a few months ago, which meant I got to spend time with the cutest little 5 month old girl. The week consisted of fun outings and lots of snuggles.

When cute children are around I always take advantage and sneak in some photos. Also my cousin asked for a family picture which I happily agreed to take. Everyone should have up to date family photos done in my option.

It was a lot of fun to get to try out a new location with different scenery. Bc this time of year is very lush and green.

Winnipeg Photography, Sharp Family

Lets take a minute to appreciate how the squirmy little toddler gave me three great family poses! It took a while to coax him into being in the picture. He was much happier just running around. But once we got him he became a little poser that gave me these! Family pictures can be tricky, and getting three great options makes for a happy photographer.

 Winnipeg Family Photographer

Winnipeg Children's Photographer

Sharp Family Photographer

Winnipeg Photographer

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