Today I thought I would do a post addressing a big question people have when it comes to preparing for a session. What should we wear? Over the years photography has been a growing field, with new ideas on how to dress and style a session. I am seeing a lot less of the white shirts and jeans look in favour of more a colour scheme of different shades and tones matched together.

With all of these changes a few questions and thoughts seemed to have risen. How do I dress my family without being to matchy (Like everyone in a white shirt with jeans), also how do I dress everybody so we go together without clashing?

The first tip I have is picking your style. Look at your house, your clothes, and think about locations. Hopefully these photos will one day be hanging up proudly on your walls. Which means you want them to go well with the style of your life and home. From looking at the bigger picture you can start to narrow it down by deciding on a location, then picking a colour scheme and style.

I have put together some photos that show a session I styled for three sisters. I used this session as an opportunity to show how colours can come together and blend well without seeming to similar. For these outfits I started by picking three colours I thought went well together. I made the main colour a neutral one that I could then work off of. In these the neutral colour was blue. I then chose a fun dark red to add a pop of colour.

Winnipeg Photography

The main girl has a fun blue outfit on, then I coordinated the others off of that. I used the pretty floral sweater to tie in the pop of red and blue along with two fun blue hair pieces. Accessories are a great way to add in pops of colour and to bring in colours to match the other outfits.

Winnipeg Children's Photographer Manitoba

Looking at these outfits on each girl individually they all tie in to a create a cohesive look. I loved the how the sweater had both the touch of blue and red. These photos could easily hang on the wall together.

Winnipeg Children's Photography

Here I feel these images all fit one cohesive style. The outfits match the feel of the backgrounds, and each other. With this session I went for the cute and cosy feel. I found outfits that were comfortable for them to wear yet still a little dressy.

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Winnipeg Children's, Newborn and Family Photography

Winnipeg Children's Photography

Winnipeg Phototgraphy

I hope this has given you some idea on how to dress for your future session. Have fun with it, and play around. If you bring layering pieces and options we can always mix and match and see what works.